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Safari Photo Jacket

Product Safari Photo Jacket

Safari Photo Jacket

Tyfy Khaki Safari Photo Jacket, XL Size


Made from co}on Fabrics.


Machine Washable


The vented back and mesh liner allow free movement of air around the body.

Padded shoulder 14 pockets, ranging in size from small sized to over sized is a most useful item for those who carry their cameras and its aachments on an oung.


Pockets are equipped with touch fastener and zipper closures. The Jacket has a heavy-duty zipper that will close the enre front. The Jacket is built oversized to accommodate fully filled pockets. Pockets are designed to carry all kinds of gear, cables, video camera, baeries, Lens, Tablets etc.


The snap epaulets will keep the camera, binoculars, or tote bagĀ  straps on the shoulder

Available Colour


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