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Strong, yet light weight, the Tyfy Pro60 Lightweight 60cm Carbon-Fibre Slider enables you to create cinematic camera motions with the greatest of ease. The Tyfy Pro60 Lightweight 60cm Carbon-Fibre Slider is comprised of 2x strong, 20mm wide Carbon-Fibre rods, with a 12.3 x 13.9cm metal platform, held to the rods by 6x durable grooved wheels. This allows the 60cm Lightweight Carbon-Fibre Slider to smoothly glide across the slider with little to no lateral movement. The Wheel resistance can also be adjusted, making it easier for you to control the speed of the slide motion.
The Tyfy 60cm Carbon-Fibre Slider features four folding legs that are independently foldable, and the height of the legs can be adjusted a height of between 9.4cm and 13cm. If you need your slider to be higher off the floor, it does also feature a plate which features several ¼” and 3/8” female thread, enabling you to mount it to a tripod or light stand etc.

The Mounting plate features a 3/8” thread the enable you to attach a ball head or a fluid head, which you can then mount your camera to. The Tyfy 60cm Carbon-Fibre Slider is the perfect solution for videographers who require a light-weight and portable slider to achieve smooth linear camera motions.

  • Carbon-Fibre and Aluminium construction.
  • Features standard 1/4" and 3/8" female tripod threads
  • 12.3 x 13.9cm mounting plate with 3/8” screw thread and built-in spirit level
  • Adjustable rollers help minimize lateral movement when used with heavier rigs
  • Lightweight and Portable


Model Tyfy pro – 60 Slider
Min. Height 9.4cm
Max. Height 13cm
Max. Load Capacity 7kg
Tube Length 60cm
Tube Diameter 20mm
Tube Thickness 2.5mm
Tripod Mount Diameter 5cm
Material Aluminium & Carbon Fibre
Camera Platform Dimensions 12.3 x 13.9cm
Tripod Thread 3/8 inch
Tripod Mount Plate Female 1/4” & 3/8” threads
Weight 2.27kg

Item Qty
60cm Lightweight Carbon Fibre Slider 1
Carry Case 1

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