Photo Box 50*50

Product Photo Box 50*50

Photo Box 50*50

Original price was: ₹1,999.00.Current price is: ₹1,699.00.

Suitable for all table top product photography with higher rate of light transmission and equivalent distribution of the light.
Specially made matte backdrops helps to get the best out of the detail of the product.
Can be folded and zipped within the pouch provided,Easy to carry, Matte backdrops can be held inside the same pouch
Size of the tent is approx. 60x60cm when open, approx. 15cm when folded.

Content: PhotoTent 60x60cm = 1 No.
Matte Black Backdrop; – 1 No.
Matte Blue Backdrop – 1 No.
Matte Red Backdrop – 1 No.
Matte White Backdrop – 1 No.
Carrying pouch – 1 No.

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